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End of 2016-2020 Strategy and Transitional Plan for 2021

We would like to inform our esteemed partners that, we have completed our strategic plan 2016-2020. In 2021 FCS is implementing a transitional strategy (extension of the previous strategy) which among other issues largely dealt with Evaluation of the 2016-2020 Strategy and Development of the new strategy 2022-2026. In the 2021 Transitional plan FCS is working with approximately 80 implementing partners (see the list on our web – on Publications Other Reports Section) under basket fund. These are the same partners which FCS worked with in 2020 whose contracts have been extended to finalize the 2016-2020 strategy.

Launch of the New Strategy 2022-2026

We would like to inform our esteemed partners that, in September 2021, FCS successfully completed the development and subsequently launched its 2022-2026 strategy. This new strategy marks the beginning of the organization’s 4th strategic period.

In the new strategy, among other issues FCS aspires to continue providing grants to Tanzania based civil society. Deliberate decision has been made in this strategy to broaden the scope to work and partner with a broad range of actors including NGOs, traditional and non-traditional CSOs, people and community groups. Below is a snapshot of our approach to Grant-making 2022-2026

FCS will adopt a flexible and adaptive approach in partner recruitment and management and adjust the way it relates to its downstream partners through the following key parameters:-

a) Deepening understanding of partners and embracing partnerships

FCS will invest time and resources to understand deeply its partners including their structures, strengths and challenges in a bid to enhance partner growth and development. Different from the previous strategy where capacity development efforts were separate from the grants, in this strategy, FCS will embed partner capacity development efforts within the grants in order to ensure both partner development and proper programme delivery. Deliberate efforts will be made to give partners more decision-making powers in the partnership through learning and dialogue with FCS on what works and what does not and thus commonly sharing success, challenges and risks. Therefore, going forward all engagement will be through partnerships which will go hand in hand with leveraging on shared resources and capabilities to attain common goals.

b) Partner recruitment and engagement

FCS will develop partner engagement policy which will guide the recruitment and engagement of its partners. Leveraging from lessons from the previous strategy, FCS in this strategy will engage in two-fold process. First, it will map out partners in specific regions corresponding to FCS needs and focus based on its thematic areas. This process will help FCS to have a database of potential partners for funding and engagement in specific themes and regions. Secondly, FCS will shorten but make it more transparent its partner recruitment procedure by embracing technology (and engagement of partners) for the purpose of enhancing efficiency, cutting costs and managing risks.

Given that the strategy is just launched, our key challenge going forward is resource mobilization. As such we cannot say when partner recruitment for 2022 will start.

Based on this background, what we can at best suggest for now is to encourage our partners to keep a regular eye on our web and social media in case we have any further updates and kindly subscribe to our mailing list in our website https://thefoundation.or.tz/ (crow down to the bottom of the website and enter your email to subscribe) to receive regular updates directly to your inbox.

If you would like to get more clarify about our granting services and procedures based on our new strategy please reach out to our Programmes Manager Mr. Francis Uhadi at fuhadi@thefoundation.or.tz