Grants Making

FCS is currently implementing a strategic plan 2016 to 2020 in which FCS has committed to work with approximately 150 CSOs through provisions of grants.

Management of Grants within FCS is managed by Programmes Department. The department manages two main programmes namely Good Governance Livelihood and Economic Development programmes and Peace & Conflict Management Sub- strategy. FCS works to ensure that there is proper management of funds issued to civil society partners and ensure that they are always guided and supported towards realization of project goals.


This programme has two main Outcomes

Outcome I: Local Government Authorities (LGAs) deliver improved quality and equal services. 

The main target of this outcome area is to ensure that there is realization of better and improved services within local government. We believe if LGAs will be more transparent and accountable on their decision making processes and on the use of resources then effective public service delivery will be realised. Under this outcome we support Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM), Public Expenditure Tracking System/Surveys (PETS) in four which are Education, Water, Agriculture and Health sectors.

Outcome II: Improved democratic processes that better reflect citizens’ rights, especially those of marginalized groups (PWDs and ethnic minority and women)

The government has made several efforts to address gender related challenges, social stigma and discrimination affecting women, people with disability and also ethnic minority. Despite the efforts, Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of violence against children and GBV in general still persist and take many forms, including physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence including lack of women’s access to land and other property ownership, mainly perpetrated by men.  With regards to rights of people with disability, despite several efforts made by the Government including provision of policy and legal directives, social discrimination and stigma to PWDs still persist. These social exclusions hamper their involvement in socio- economic issues and limit their access to quality services.  Under this outcome area FCS supports projects on:-

  1. Advocacy against harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, Violence against Children (VAC) such as Child marriage, Child Pregnancies,) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) (Rape and other forms of violence against women).
  2. Advocacy for the rights of people with Disabilities to increase their participation in public accountability and local governance processes, quality services including education and Health, specific for Disabled People Organizations and Networks, projects from all regions of Tanzania.  
  3. Promote access to land and other property rights especially for women. 


Under the Livelihoods/ Economic Empowerment programme FCS will support CSOs to implement projects which will respond to the following outcome.

Outcome I: Ensuring that youth entrepreneurs have secured greater access to markets, livelihoods assets and resources

Main supported efforts include: 

  1. Working with local governments to create a more enabling environment for young people to expand start, grow and expand their businesses and utilize other economic opportunities available in their localities. 
  2. Empowering young people to start individual or group income generating projects to improve their lives and utilize readily available opportunities including access to 4% of the funds allocated for the youth at district, municipal and Town Council levels.
  3. Project that will continue enhancing inclusion of youth in government structures and decision making processes.


Programme Objective: To contribute to harmonious and peaceful co-existence amongst communities and various people groups

Supported projects include:

  1. Interventions that promote National Unity and cohesion among people groups 
  2. Dialogue efforts to on peace building by bridging political differences and promote political dialogues between various Political Parties.  
  3. Interventions that enhance conflict resolution on natural resources including land 
  4. Interventions that promote Inter-religious dialogues 

Grants and Funding Windows available

Window 1: Innovative Grants: (Grant size ranging from TZS 20,000,000 to TZS 49,999,999 for one year only)

The innovative grants targets organizations that will implement their own creative solutions to realize outcomes as described in the above programmes. The project implementation period is usually one year and an organization may request between TZS 20,000,000 to TZS 50,000,000. This window also gives an avenue for smaller and relatively new and nascent and newly registered organizations with outstanding ideas to solve community challenges in their localities to access grants from the Foundation for Civil Society.

Window 2:  Medium Grants size ranges from TZS 50,000,000 to TZS 120,000,000 for 1 year up to 2 years maximum of TZS 240,000,000. )

Medium Grants carry the bulk work of the Foundation’s grant making interventions. This type of grant targets mid-level organizations that have demonstrated capacity in both project and financial management. The project implementation period is for one year for an amount starting from TZS 50,000,000 to TZS 120,000,000. However the applicant may apply up to a maximum of TZS 240,000,000, for two years.

Window 3: Strategic Grants (Grant size TZS 250,000,000 per year up to 3 years maximum TZS 750,000,000) 

This is the largest grant that FCS provides and targets well established Civil Society networks, umbrella organizations and Civil Society Organizations working at National level with strong track record in management of funds and demonstrable national impact. Organizations of this nature will be supported as “cluster leaders” that is, for example – leader in Public Expenditure Tracking or Social Accountability Monitoring; leader in advocacy against gender based violence and harmful traditions etc. Organizations to be supported under this window are those that design their programmes in a manner that they will be able to work with local CSOs working on their theme and use the lessons learnt from local level to influence national level advocacy while using lessons from national level to impact to the local level interventions. 


  1. FCS only issues grants to Tanzanian local Civil Society Organizations registered and operating within the borders of the United Republic of Tanzania. International organizations, including International NGOs domesticated in Tanzania or interventions outside the United Republic of Tanzania will not be supported.  
  2. The best period to apply for a grant is when there is an open call for applications which will also provide adequate instructions on requirements for submission. FCS rarely funds unsolicited proposals. Please make consultations before submitting one. 
  3. In issuing grants FCS will prioritize CSOs requesting grants to implement projects in regions and districts where they are based. 

Other, more specific, principles which will guide project selection process include;

  1. Organisations with sound governance structures and good financial management systems
  2. The extent to which the proposed project activities are in line with FCS Strategic Plan and priorities.
  3. The extent to which the proposed project interventions are measurable and will contribute into achieving expected outcome.
  4. Social soundness (e.g. representation, degree of community and local government involvement and project activities identification, development and implementation)
  5. The extent to which the project is addressing the problem in local context with supported data/ evidence.
  6. The adherence to all necessary supporting documents as indicated in the application form.

Who can apply

The Foundation can only make grants to local organizations that are established for not-for private- profit purposes. Even if the activity for which you have applied is charitable, you will not be eligible for a grant unless your constitution clearly states the charitable nature for which your organization has been set up. If you think your organization may be affected by this condition, please get advice from Foundation before you make an application. The following institutions are eligible to apply for grants at the Foundation for civil society: 

  1. Non-governmental Organisations (NGO);
  2. Professional Associations;
  3. Trade Unions
  4. Media Organisations (Only projects with social missions, not generating profits) 
  5. Faith Based Organization (FBO) – (Only projects with social mission and not propagating faith/ evangelicalization)
  6. Cooperatives (Only projects with social missions, not generating profits)

What we will not fund

The Foundation will NOT make grants available for/to:

  1. Endowments & scholarships.
  2. Projects or activities outside Tanzania.
  3. Projects or activities which have already been finished  
  4. Projects that provide grants to other organizations.
  5. An honorarium for organization’s paid staff.
  6. Income-generation / Microfinance activities.
  7. Applications from professional fundraisers or consultants acting on behalf of organizations.
  8. Individuals.
  9. Political parties.
  10. Projects that promote a particular religion, ethnic group/tribe or race.
  11. Private sector businesses (unless they are not for-private-profit).
  12. Organizations that are in significant debt.
  13. Stand-alone Workshops, Conferences,
  14. Seminars, unless they are part of a wider set of activities, and are linked to clear  results
  15. Unanticipated costs (contingencies).

Need more clarity?

If you would like to get more clarify about our grants and procedures please visit our FAQs page or reach out to our Programmes Manager at