Youth and the development Agenda: Youth graduate from FCS-supported internship program

Zanzibar Registrar of NGOs , Ahmed Khalid pictured with FCS special projects officer, Rehema Malongo with graduates of the CYD internship program during the Internship graduation ceremony at Golden Tulip in Zanzibar

The Centre for Youth Dialogue (CYD) has awarded appreciation certificates to Zanzibari graduates in the CYD internship programme funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).  The internship programme entails efforts to diversify employment opportunities among youth in Zanzibar and is promoting the engagement of more than 15 university graduates as interns with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in both Unguja and Pemba islands of Zanzibar.

Among the achievements of the internship programme is to increase motivation and engagement of youth in the civil society sector. The programme has strengthened the unity and solidarity of youth to find solutions to the challenges they face. Through exchange visits with organisations in Dar es Salaam, the interns were trained on strategic community engagements in CSOs interventions through effective communication.

Ms Asma Khamis is among the graduates of the CYD internship programme. She is working with Baba Bora Organisation while pursuing her Social Work degree at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA).

Mr Hashim Pondeza, CYD Executive Director, stated his commitment to working with youth to build a generation of great leaders in the sector.

Mr Ahmed Khalif, Zanzibar Registrar of NGOS, applauded FCS’s efforts in supporting youth.

I commend CYD and FCS for their work and contribution to youth in Zanzibar. I thank you for giving young people the opportunity to understand the NGO Sector. Let’s continue to work together to build our country,” he said.

In May 2022, CYD organised an exchange programme in Dar es Salaam and visited the Global Peace Foundation and Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) to learn more about the civil society sector and how these two organisations work towards attaining their objectives. Twelve interns from both Unguja and Pemba were present.

In her opening remarks, Ms Martha Nghambi, Global Peace Foundation Country Director, highlighted how the organisation promotes volunteerism and internship. She commended the initiative conceived by CYD and praised FCS for supporting the initiative. She also said there were many opportunities in the civil society sector to learn, network and reach society directly.

A representative from FCS, Mr Daniel Haule, spoke on his journey in the civil society sector. “As an intern, you gain work experience, exposure and skills, which may be difficult to get somewhere else. Now is the time to build yourselves in these programmes. Make sure you aim for impact and make yourself valuable,” he said.

He also explained how FCS supports and builds youth volunteers and interns who are placed in different departments to learn and gain work experience in the field. Mr Haule also congratulated interns who were completing the internship programme.

Mr Abdul Mohamed Omary, an Intern from CYD who was attached to the SOS Village Organisation in Pemba as a programme volunteer, shared how the programme helped him to gain experience and understand the sector and also influenced him to pursue his career in the sector. Another testimony was from Ramadhan, who was attached at Shirikisho la Jumuiya za Watu Wenye Ulemavu Zanzibar (SHIJUWAZA) as an assistant project officer. He said he coordinated programmes, prepared programme reports and several other activities. He also thanked CYD for the opportunity.

Many of us didn’t know about the civil society sector, but now we are able to reach our goals as interns. I’m asking if it’s possible for FCS to continue supporting CYD so that we can extend our time as interns or help other youth get this great opportunity to learn and work in various organisations,” he said.