Capacity development dimensions

As for civil society organizations which are not directly receiving grants from FCS, from time to time, FCS partners with other organizations to facilitate the capacity for CSOs. For example, FCS is a local partner of Change the Game Academy where FCS implements capacity to CSOs on Local Fundraising and Mobilizing Support courses. CSOs can access this opportunity when it is available and advertised. Partners are advised to subscribe to the FCS mailing list and visit the FCS website and social media from time to time to see if there are any available capacity strengthening opportunities.

FCS also invites funding partners who wish to use its infrastructure and long-term experience to contact FCS to seek partnership in capacity development. FCS has a long history of capacity building for CSOs in Tanzania. Funding partners, donors and civil society support mechanisms can partner with FCS to facilitate capacity development efforts for their subgrantees or local CSOs in Tanzania.

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