Who can apply

Who can apply

The Foundation can only make grants to local organizations that are established for not-for private- profit purposes. Even if the activity for which you have applied is charitable, you will not be eligible for a grant unless your constitution clearly states the charitable nature for which your organization has been set up. If you think your organization may be affected by this condition, please get advice from Foundation before you make an application. The following institutions are eligible to apply for grants at the Foundation for civil society: 

  1. Non-governmental Organisations (NGO);
  2. Professional Associations;
  3. Trade Unions
  4. Media Organisations (Only projects with social missions, not generating profits) 
  5. Faith Based Organization (FBO) – (Only projects with social mission and not propagating faith/ evangelicalization)
  6. Cooperatives (Only projects with social missions, not generating profits)

What we will not fund

The Foundation will NOT make grants available for/to:

  1. Endowments & scholarships.
  2. Projects or activities outside Tanzania.
  3. Projects or activities which have already been finished  
  4. Projects that provide grants to other organizations.
  5. An honorarium for organization’s paid staff.
  6. Income-generation / Microfinance activities.
  7. Applications from professional fundraisers or consultants acting on behalf of organizations.
  8. Individuals.
  9. Political parties.
  10. Projects that promote a particular religion, ethnic group/tribe or race.
  11. Private sector businesses (unless they are not for-private-profit).
  12. Organizations that are in significant debt.
  13. Stand-alone Workshops, Conferences,
  14. Seminars, unless they are part of a wider set of activities, and are linked to clear  results
  15. Unanticipated costs (contingencies).

Need more clarity?

If you would like to get more clarify about our grants and procedures please visit our FAQs page or reach out to our Programmes Manager at fuhadi@thefoundation.or.tz 

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