What capacity are we developing?

What capacity are we developing?

FCS views organisations from systems perspective where issues, events and forces within organisations are not isolated but interrelated. As such, our capacity Development support is modelled in tripartite i.e capacity to BE, capacity to DO and capacity to RELATE.

Capacity To Be

This entails intrinsic power and institutional ability to operate as a resilient, strategic and autonomous entity. In this dimension CSO will be supported to develop effective leadership and governance structures, comprehensive strategies and appropriate internal systems. CSO will be supported to conduct organizational capacity assessment

Capacity to Do

This focuses on CSO outreach programmes that relate to FCS thematic areas of governance and livelihood. Capacity development in this dimension shall therefore include series of capacities related to project management , technical skills on PETS and SAM, Gender Based Violence, advocacy for PWDs rights as well as citizens participation in Democratic processes

Capacity to relate

This entails capacity to form positive external relations with other organisations and institutions The aim is to facilitate structured collaboration amongst development actors as a basis of enabling greater cohesion, integration, acceleration and scale up of impact

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