8. What is a Manage your Grants Training (MYG)?

All approved grantees under solicited proposals will undergo Manage Your Grant Training (MYG). These trainings are conducted prior to the signing of contracts.  Therefore, attending the training does not guarantee that a project would be funded by FCS. In case a controversial situation arises before signing the contract, which is seen to affect the success of the project outcome and its set objectives, the contract can be canceled. The training is aimed at building the capacity of the grantees on grants management in the areas of finance and grants management, monitoring and evaluation, preparing good work plans and formulating a framework for good accounting practices for their project. The participants of this training will be the key implementers of projects. Learning from experiences in the previous strategies, MYG training requires a lot of effort in terms of logistics and management of prospective grantees in the event of the training. Therefore, from time to time FCS can consult a fiscal agent to manage finances related to MYG but the implementation of the MYG itself is to be done by FCS staff and where a necessary external consultants may be recruited to support and build the capacity of the grantees during MYG.

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