5. What types of calls for applications/Proposals does FCS have?

The Foundation will have two main types of call for proposal as presented below:-

i)General call for applications:  The Foundation will make at least one call for applications as per annual plan based on key result areas which are good governance and Livelihood/Economic development. The general calls will be made in November of each calendar year or January of the following year or depending on the availability of funds and upon the determination by the management from time to time.

ii)Special calls:These are the calls made to facilitate interventions on specific issues or to provide rapid response on emerging issues of national interest on areas of good governance and Livelihoods/Economic development. Special calls will also be given to attract grant applicants for specific projects outside the basket fund. From time to time also based on specific needs, FCS may approach specific organizations to intervene on specific issues. Project identification numbers will be categorized by windows with the name of special donors supporting the program.

In both calls, applications for Grants are made through a prescribed Form  which is available in both Kiswahili or English languages and thus the applicant organization can apply using any of the two languages. The Form contains elaborative instructions on what is required. Applications can be filled out online or by filling in hard copies of the Application Forms. Grant applicants will be encouraged to apply online and ensure that all necessary attachments as instructed from time to time through a call for proposal are attached. There will be no difference in the type of attachments submitted by applicants in an online system and in hardcopies. FCS will provide between 21 to 30 days for applicants to submit their proposals. However, in the case of fund delays, the management will decide on the time needed for applicants to submit their proposals.

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