10. What are monitoring and support visits?

FCS considers monitoring and evaluation as a critical process through which it can share learning experiences, strengthen program relevance and effectiveness and ensure that the FCS and its grantees are accountable for achieving the intended results. Monitoring and Support visits are an important part of the communication and monitoring relationships between the organization and the FCS . Any visit to the organization should support open and positive communication as well as quality project management and reporting.

The aim of the exercise is to assess possible changes seen at the community level as a direct result of the FCS’s – interventions through civil society grants and its capacity-building programs. It also enables the Foundation to understand better the work on the ground, monitor progress, compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant contract, learning and challenges.

Every grantee is required to be visited at least once a year. In every visit before exit FCS staff will discuss with the grantee staff on issues observed and agree on the way forward. This will be done by filling in support visit exit form.

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