Shifting power to communities: Organizations empowered to mobilize resources locally

FCS Programs Manager Edna Chilimo giving her remarks during the Change the Game Academy refresher training on mobilizing support and local fundraising to various civil society organizations in Dodoma with Rehema Malongo, FCS Special Projects Officer (Left) and Nicholaus Mhozya , FCS Resource Center Senior Officer

* Change the Game Academy training held for local organizations in Dodoma

Dodoma.  On July 4 and 5, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), with the support of the Change the Game Academy (CtGA), conducted two days of refresher training for organisations to empower them to mobilise resources locally.

The course entailed contextualised knowledge on the concepts of local resource mobilisation from various countries.

Edna Chilimo, FCS Progams Manager, said the course’s objective was to provide local organisations with examples and methodologies to spur new perspectives in re-learning and knowledge on mobilising support.

“Through the training, local organisations are able to gain an understanding of the approaches of mobilising support for their causes that seek to address various community challenges and gain support from stakeholders and beneficiaries in communities. The concept is about local communities realising that they have the power in their hands to solve local challenges,” she said.

Chilimo stated that the training provided trainers with a variety of options that can help to stimulate peer learning and experience sharing among members of various organisations.

The participants were also given a tour of the FCS Resource Centre in Dodoma to broaden their horizons and introduce them to resources they could utilise and knowledge they could gain from it. The centre hosts a library and archives, which stakeholders, development actors and the public can use to acquire information and knowledge on the civil society sector and its operations; laws governing the sector and compliances, and CSOs and their interventions and impact on communities in Tanzania.

The training involved 25 participants who focused on mobilising support, and another 25 who focused on local fundraising.

CtGA aims at empowering Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) all over the world, but especially in low and middle-income countries, to learn to raise funds locally and to mobilise other kinds of support.

CtGA uses a blended-learning approach, which is a combination of online and classroom learning.  Classroom courses in Local Fundraising and Mobilizing Support are now being offered by National Partner Organizations (NPOs) from 12 countries worldwide. FCS is among the NPOs.