PWDs, Zanzibar CSOs Receive Grants Management Training

Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) organized grants management training specifically for civil society organisations (CSOs) implementing projects for the deaf people and for those based in Zanzibar. The Manage Your Grant (MYG) training was conducted to prepare the grantees to effectively and efficiently manage the grants provided by FCS and ensure their interventions impact the lives of people in the communities they serve.


These grants management sessions are normally facilitated by FCS to enhance grantees understanding of their contractual responsibilities in implementing and measuring the performance of their FCS-funded projects. They also help grantees on matters of FCS compliance requirements.


FCS Executive Director, Francis Kiwanga, emphasized on the grantee’s adherence and compliance to FCS granting management requirements and the values that uphold FCS grants provision. These include professionalism and trustworthiness in implementing projects as per the agreed terms.


“Firstly, I urge everyone to ensure that project activities are well documented. All Grantees should also adhere to FCS’ and national NGOs regulatory framework compliance requirements. These grants should be used for the purpose intended, that is, implement interventions that help the citizens improve their lives.


Serious actions will be taken against grantees who fail to utilize grants as intended” he said and added, “FCS has a strong internal audit system to identify fraud and organizations that are not performing well. We should all actively work to change the perception that CSOs misuse and mismanage grants. Let us work in partnership to ensure our work has a positive impact on citizens”


Mr Kiwanga also noted that despite challenges in the sector including fraudulent activities, he urged CSOs to report these incidents through FCS whistleblowing mechanism so that appropriate measures can be taken.


FCS MYG Training sessions are normally participatory discussions between officers from grantee CSOs officers and experts from FCS and outside. They are interactive sessions that focus on reviewing all the key components in the supported projects activity, financial and monitoring plans. FCS officials including the Head of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Research, Guesturd Haule; ProgramManager, Francis Uhadi; Senior Grants Accountant, CPA Tusekile Anangisye; and Programme Officers, Rosemary Mjule and Eveline Mchau discussed with grantees the best practices to adopt into their action plans and how to identify indicators of best possible outcomes in the implementation of projects. These sessions are mandatory prior to FCS grants contract signing.