Foundation for Civil Society and Partners Reflect on Uraia Wetu Project Progress


Foundation for Civil Society and Partners Reflect on Uraia Wetu Project Progress

Dar es Salaam, February 8, 2024 – The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) convened with its 15 partners implementing the Uraia Wetu project for the annual reflection session. The project aims to foster an enabling environment for civil society engagement in democratic governance in Tanzania and Zanzibar.


Mr Nicholaus Lekule, the FCS Project Coordinator, highlighted the session’s objectives, stating, “At the end of the session, we will have harvested the key achievements, lessons and challenges from the first year of implementation; reviewed action plans and budgets for the second year and agreed on key milestones for the second year of implementation.”


The recent Annual Reflection Session, a collaborative effort between FCS and its esteemed partners, celebrated successes, identified areas for improvement and committed to adaptive strategies for better results.


Mr Guesturd Haule, the FCS Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MERL), emphasised the importance of flexibility, adaptability and innovation approaches to programme implementation in response to the evolving challenges faced by the communities to ensure that interventions remain impactful and tailored to community needs. Collaboratively, FCS and partners refined and developed reprogramming strategies to ensure the URAIA WETU initiatives remain impactful.


Mr Haule expressed pride in being part of a team and network that values reflection, adaptation and innovation. He concluded with optimism, looking forward to another year of impactful collaboration and positive transformation.


We need to examine the results achieved over the past year and acknowledge areas for improvement. Open dialogue and shared experiences served as a foundation for a collective commitment to driving positive change,” he said.


The URAIA WETU project, supported by the European Union and implemented by FCS in collaboration with CSO actors, is a three-year project that seeks to enhance the capacity of CSOs and citizens to effectively participate in democratic governance processes, including constitutional review and national reconciliation processes. The project focuses on promoting meaningful participation of civil society in multi- stakeholder policy processes and strengthening CSOs’ capacity to promote public accountability.