At least 150 civil society organizations (CSOs) are expected to participate in the Civil Society Week in Dodoma in October this year.

The event dubbed the CSOs week offers an opportunity to engage with multi-sector actors for discussions in the interest of steering the national development agenda.

Addressing the press conference recently, Rachel Chagonja, the Executive Director of Haki Rasilimali, a local non-governmental organization working in the extractive industry in Tanzania noted that a lot of success has been achieved since the inception of the event in 2018. HakiRasilimali is a member of the CSO steering committee-organizers of the CSO Week Event.

The event provides an opportunity for CSOs and other stakeholders to engage with one another for the interest of the civil society sector and development,” she said.

She explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was not convened last year, though it provided an opportunity for them to plan better and review challenges and success in the previous events. Chagonja added that this year’s event will also include showcasing of activities done by various CSOs, including their products too. Other activities include dialogues as well as free legal services, among other activities for the public.

CSOs will be able to showcase their work and how their interventions support communities and citizens on the 23rd and 24th of October 2021, thereafter internal sessions on different themes will be held,” she noted.

According to Chagonja, most members of the public now understand the activities of CSOs in bringing development to society, adding that this year’s event will line with activities in the previous years.

Nesia Mahenge, the In-country Director of CBM International Tanzania, a local CSO in the country working towards inclusion of people with disabilities, said during the week all measures against COVID-19 shall be observed.

I will like to assure members of the public that all measures will be observed and they cannot worry about their welfare during the event,” she said.