Grant Application: Online registration window for CSOs to access FCS grants opens

Grant application process roadmap
  • CSOs urged to be vigilant during grant application process

Online registration for organisations interested in working with the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in 2022-2026 is officially open. The online platform is a partner-mapping portal where organisations can register their profiles, thematic focus areas and regions. The registration is the first initial step in the grant application process.

Mr Francis Kiwanga, FCS Executive Director, made the announcement in his opening remarks during an FCS information session (Info Session) on engagement opportunities with FCS in 2022-2026. He urged CSOs be vigilant and ensure that they are not misled by fraudulent individuals pretending to be FCS staff. He said all official communication is disseminated via FCS’s official communication channels, namely on its website, Twitter and Facebook pages and through official FCS emails. Mr Kiwanga also advised CSOs to be suspicious of any information that is not from the official channels and report anyone asking for payments to access FCS grants.

‘’We do not accept bribes of any kind. Corrupt practices for grants are not condoned. People pretend to work for FCS. If anyone asks for a bribe, send their information to This information is conveyed to the FCS Chairman and President and the whistleblower is protected. We do this to protect the integrity of the process,’’ he said.

Mr Kiwanga also introduced the new FCS Progammes Manager, Ms Edna Chilimo, who has succeeded Francis Uhadi, who is pursuing other endeavours.

Speaking during the recent info session conducted online, Ms Chilimo called on CSOs to register online as part of the grant application process.

“All organisations interested in working with FCS should make sure they register on the portal to access calls for concepts notes and find other funding opportunities from FCS. Online registration will enable us to map partners,” she said.

Ms Chilimo also urged CSOs to read the Partner Recruitment and Engagement Guide (PREG) which is available in the FCS website carefully for more details on online registration (Partner Mapping Portal).

The objectives of the info sessions include to inform civil society stakeholders about FCS’s new Strategic Plan and Priority Areas for 2022/2024; enable organisations, groups and individuals to obtain detailed information on the new FCS grants procedure and enable CSOs in the country to understand how to register through the new FCS digital system.

Mr Guesturd Haule, FCS Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, said CSOs must ensure they register and map their organisations in the thematic focus areas zonally either in the northern or southern zone. He also urged organisations to register their profiles and be truthful in all stages of the process.

‘’FCS will provide grants depending on the thematic focus of a particular zone for example, according to the data that we have, many persons with disabilities are in the southern regions and face a myriad of challenges. Due to this, FCS will support programmes on persons with disabilities in the Southern Zone through the basket fund,” he said

He said that priorities of the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Programme include Gender Equity, Inclusion of People with disabilities and Youth, Good Governance and Peace and Social Cohesion.

He said FCS launched its Strategic Plan for 2022-2026 last year. The Plan’s implementation officially starts in 2022. FCS will continue to conduct more info sessions with various stakeholders to inform them about grant application processes. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), Professional Associations, Trade Unions, Media Institutions, Cooperatives, Religious Organisations, Groups and Individuals with the ability and willingness to bring about positive change in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar are invited to attend the FCS info session workshops which will be held online through Zoom.