Good Governance Programme


This programme has two main Outcomes

Outcome I: Local Government Authorities (LGAs) deliver improved quality and equal services. 

The main target of this outcome area is to ensure that there is realization of better and improved services within local government. We believe if LGAs will be more transparent and accountable on their decision making processes and on the use of resources then effective public service delivery will be realised. Under this outcome we support Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM), Public Expenditure Tracking System/Surveys (PETS) in four which are Education, Water, Agriculture and Health sectors.

Outcome II: Improved democratic processes that better reflect citizens’ rights, especially those of marginalized groups (PWDs and ethnic minority and women)

The government has made several efforts to address gender related challenges, social stigma and discrimination affecting women, people with disability and also ethnic minority. Despite the efforts, Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of violence against children and GBV in general still persist and take many forms, including physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence including lack of women’s access to land and other property ownership, mainly perpetrated by men.  With regards to rights of people with disability, despite several efforts made by the Government including provision of policy and legal directives, social discrimination and stigma to PWDs still persist. These social exclusions hamper their involvement in socio- economic issues and limit their access to quality services.  Under this outcome area FCS supports projects on:-

  1. Advocacy against harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, Violence against Children (VAC) such as Child marriage, Child Pregnancies,) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) (Rape and other forms of violence against women).
  2. Advocacy for the rights of people with Disabilities to increase their participation in public accountability and local governance processes, quality services including education and Health, specific for Disabled People Organizations and Networks, projects from all regions of Tanzania.  
  3. Promote access to land and other property rights especially for women. 


Under the Livelihoods/ Economic Empowerment programme FCS will support CSOs to implement projects which will respond to the following outcome.

Outcome I: Ensuring that youth entrepreneurs have secured greater access to markets, livelihoods assets and resources

Main supported efforts include: 

  1. Working with local governments to create a more enabling environment for young people to expand start, grow and expand their businesses and utilize other economic opportunities available in their localities. 
  2. Empowering young people to start individual or group income generating projects to improve their lives and utilize readily available opportunities including access to 4% of the funds allocated for the youth at district, municipal and Town Council levels.
  3. Project that will continue enhancing inclusion of youth in government structures and decision making processes.


Programme Objective: To contribute to harmonious and peaceful co-existence amongst communities and various people groups

Supported projects include:

  1. Interventions that promote National Unity and cohesion among people groups 
  2. Dialogue efforts to on peace building by bridging political differences and promote political dialogues between various Political Parties.  
  3. Interventions that enhance conflict resolution on natural resources including land 
  4. Interventions that promote Inter-religious dialogues 

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