FCS Mitigation strategies of Covid-19

As countries continue to navigate the rapidly evolving outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is essential for Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) to take measures to support initiatives in fighting against the pandemic. FCS is currently working with over 150 grantees in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar at national and grassroots levels hence, our uttermost concern is for citizen especially the marginalized who are closely engaged during the implementation of interventions. FCS is working in various thematic areas.

The outbreak of the virus has introduced new challenges globally, in East Africa, Tanzania, among Tanzanian citizens, in our organization and grantees as we continue observing surging anxiety globally. FCS enacted a mitigation plan since the global crisis requires extraordinary measures and matching preventive measures. FCS’s goal is to work in partnerships with CSOs, the Government ┬áto significantly ┬áraise public awareness on COVID 19 especially marginalized mostly living in grassroots. Our role of partnerships with key players in society has been a major pillar for FCS in trying times

FCS is working closely with current 2019/2020 grantees in strategizing innovative adaption approaches that will support efforts in fighting against Covid-19. Both partners, understand there that 2019/2020 interventions are likely to be affected due to the coronavirus. They working on effective mitigation measures to adapt to the changes in this transition.

In addition to the above-proposed mitigation measures, FCS COVID-19 response plan highlights targeted interventions for marginalized groups to facilitate inclusively and access to information in the community. Marginalized groups such as women, youth, elderly, and people with disabilities face a myriad of challenges including inclusion hence special attention to the group. We are also working with Disabled people organizations to address the pandemic in a more inclusive manner to develop awareness campaigns that are inclusive for people with disabilities including sign language communication materials and videos for people with disabilities.

Due to the changing work dynamics, FCS continues to engage with partners online on dialogues to mitigate the current circumstances. The first digital philanthropy dialogue was hosted on Philanthropic response and engagement to COVID-19.In attendance was the FCS Executive Director Francis Kiwanga, Stephen Chacha from the African Philanthropic Foundation, Tanzania Philanthropic Organization (TPO) Mwadhini Myanza, and from Vodacom Ms. Jacqulie Materu. The discussion was on learning innovative approaches to how individuals, CSOs, and local philanthropic organizations are changing how they work and measures in place in the age of COVID-19.

FCS’s rapid response to community-related issues has a key focus and a major pillar for FCS in trying times.