FCS grants Tsh4 billion to CSOs to implement development projects in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar

Dodoma, August 15, 2022. The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has issued Tsh3,957,301,580 in grants to 89 civil society organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

The funds are to be spent on the implementation of development projects in good governance programmes in the areas of water, education, health, agriculture, gender equality, the inclusion of persons living with disabilities, and the building of peace and social cohesion in 2022/23.

Speaking in Dodoma during the Manage Your Grant Training (MYG) in Dodoma for selected and approved CSO that will receive FCS grants, FCS executive director Francis Kiwanga said a number of key criteria were considered in selecting 89 recipients.

They include a proven system and record of keeping track of expenditure and proof that the organisations are active.

It was an independent and transparent process. There was no favouritism whatsoever, and I would like to assure the civil society sector that the recipients were selected strictly on merit. They deserve to be our partners,” Mr Kiwanga said.

Mr Kiwanga said FCS would ensure that the funded projects would improve people’s lives and strengthen the civil society sector.

FCS has adopted a new strategic plan for 2022-2026, which aims to ensure that the people are empowered and responsible, and get their basic economic and societal rights to make their lives better. We will attain our goals by contributing to sustainable and inclusive development in Tanzania through capacity building, equitable distribution of resources and strategic cooperation among CSOs, community groups and other development stakeholders,” he said.

Ms Edna Chilimo, FCS programmes manager in charge of governance and social inclusion, said the foundation has extended to CSOs’ small, medium and strategic grants.

We work closely with CSOs right from the grassroots, and we also work with leaders of cluster programmes, who operate at the national level. We work with CSOs in villages, wards and districts too.

The partners and organisations we support are important stakeholders because this enables them to reach the people and facilitate change and development. Organisations supported by FCS are not only grantees but also partners,” Ms Chilimo added.

She said core principles of the partnership include mutual understanding and trust and having common goals.

We build the capacity of CSOs so that they are able to efficiently execute projects, manage themselves and ensure that the projects have the desired impact. We build the capacity of CSOs so that they can cooperate with various stakeholders, including the government, private sector, ordinary people and other CSOs.”

FCS is an independent Tanzanian not-for-profit development organisation that provides grants and capacity-building services to CSOs in the country.

Since its inception 20 years ago, FCS has contributed significantly to strengthening the capacity of civil society in Tanzania. FCS has enabled CSOs to be a catalyst for development and citizens to be at the forefront of strengthening democratic governance in Tanzania.

These efforts aim to improve service delivery, especially at the lower levels of society and ultimately improve life for all.