FCS Facilitates Mobilizing Support Training for 9 Local Organizations

FCS organized Change the Game training on Mobilizing Supportto 9 civil society organizations in Zanzibar and Moshi. The training was conducted from 24thto 28thJanuary and aimed at improving the proficiency of previously trained participants who received phase 1 Mobilizing Support training. In Zanzibar, 9 participants from Unguja and Pemba received the phase 2 training, while in Moshi, 5 participants received the phase 2 training.

The team of five training experts from FCS trained participants implementing advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities and inclusion interventions in their localities. 

Mobilizing support training encompasses coaching participants on how they can get more support and commitment from stakeholders and decision-makers.The training focused on building participants’ understanding on the opportunities and obstacles for mobilizing support; how to conduct context analysis; how to plan to mobilize support initiatives;  communication skills; and evaluation. 

Mobilizing Support courses has two cycles of training  where participants are trained for 5 days in each phase in the following content;

  • Phase 1|Starter Course: Introduction to Mobilizing Support, problem and solution analysis, stakeholders analysis
  • Phase 2| Skills & Game Changer Course: Legal & right issues,Right & need based approach, Presentation skills, Negotiation skills and  Effective listening

FCS is the national partner of Wilde Ganzen Foundation – founded Change the Game Academy training. The academy is co-created together with CESE (Brazil), the Kenya Community Development Foundation (Kenya) and Smile Foundation (India).