CSO WEEK 2022 online registration is open to the public.

  • Over 500 participants to participate in this year’s CSO week

September 5, 2022, Dar es salaam. The online registration for interested participants to attend the CSO week 2022 is open. This year’s CSO week is scheduled to take place from October 25 to 28 in Arusha.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, The CSO Week 2022 Coordinator, Dr Shirley Mushi said that the online registration to attend the week-long event is open to the public and called on participants to register early to book their seats.

‘’We would like to inform the public that we have officially opened the CSO week online registration. To register to attend the CSO Week visit the website csoweek.info. I urge everyone to book their seats for the conference early. CSO Week 2022 will place citizens at the centre of its activities and discussions. This year’s CSO week will be one of a kind and will showcase the sector’s ever-evolving and innovative approaches as a key stakeholder in development ’’ said Dr Mushi

The CSO week steering committee and organizers officially launched the 2022 CSO week with the theme ‘People’s Development, People’s Stories’ which underscores that the people are CSOs most integral constituency, partners, and reason for existing. The theme allows for critical reflection on the many approaches, systems, and processes used by CSOs to address the development challenges that Tanzanians confront, particularly those that are complex, deep-rooted, and long-standing. It also reaffirms CSOs’ and development actors’ commitment to transformative change.

Dr Mushi said that the agenda of the CSO Week 2022 will also be directed towards ensuring that multi-sectoral actors are made a critical part of new collectives geared towards delivering development.

‘’The week brings together key development actors and is aimed at the enhancement of relations and partnerships geared at bolstering civil society’s engagement in Tanzania’s development, forging new and strengthening existing collectives aimed at addressing key development challenges and generating and exchanging ideas, she added.

She anticipated that over 500 participants from the civil sector in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, government, development partners and the private sector will attend the event.

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