2021 GATHERING OF GIVERS: Big, Bold and Brave – Growing a Philanthropy Movement

On September 30, 2021, Foundation for civil society (FCS) collaborated with African Philanthropy Network (APN) and East African partners -Tanzania Philanthropy Organization (TPO), African Philanthropy Network (APN), East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) and CivSource Africa to stage a regional East Africa Gathering of Givers event bringing together givers in the east African region to recognize and celebrate the power of local giving.

The event was themed Big, Bold and Brave – Growing aPhilanthropy Movement and aimed to inspire ‘bigness’, boldness and bravery within givers to change their community nationally and regionally. The session discussions centered on growing a Philanthropy Movement country wise and in an African context and showcased country initiatives in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and practices of local giving. The event was a platform to raise awareness of the various shades of givers across the three countries. Inspire, rally, celebrate the experiences and practice of African philanthropy and encourage givers to join their national and regional platforms

karin Rupia the FCS Resource Mobilization Executive was thrilled about the celebration of givers event as it captured many stories of giving in different contexts featuring communities, a representative from organizations and individuals.

‘’To celebrate the regal event, each country organized a session, or discussion to join in the main East Africa event celebration that was based in Kenya. Through the event, we were able to listen to many stories of giving and giver. This was truly a phenomenon event to promote giving in the african content and create awareness on the importance of giving. The event also gave insights on how to start when you want to give and be the change.