Support to People With Disability

Supporting Programmes for People with Disability: The overview

In Tanzania, like other places in Africa, people with disability (PWDs) are among the most disadvantaged and marginalized members of the community. This inspired FCS’s support to initiatives that advocate for the rights of PWDs. The focus here is to advocate for full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and People with Disability Act of 2010 in Tanzania, which aims to achieving fundamental positive change to social structures and decision making processes to accommodate the rights of PWDs.


Simultaneously, FCS’s interventions on fight against killings of people with albinism (PWAs) seek to advocate for their rights and ensure there is enough public awareness on albinism and people of this community. Also we aim to challenge policies and practices so that they foster protection and security for people with albinism. Regions covered in this cluster have a history of high prevalence of amputations and killings of albinos in the country.


While focusing on Outcome II of its Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021, FCS seeks to challenge decision making and democratic processes to better reflect citizens’ rights, especially those of marginalised groups such as PWSs, ethnic minorities and women in all spheres of life. Furthermore, our support to PWDs and PWA projects are responding to SDG 10 and 11: Reduce inequality within and among countries and Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


For period 2016 – 2018, a number of 18 CSOs have been funded to implement projects advocating for the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs) and advocacy against the killings of people with albinism (PWAs). On PWAs, 8 CSOs have been supported in Katavi, Rukwa, Simiyu, Geita, Tabora and Shinyanga, regions with reported high incidences of assault, amputation or killings of PWAs. On PWDs, 10 CSOs have been supported to implement projects in Dar-es-Salaam, Coast, Dodoma, Kagera, Kigoma, Mwanza and Morogoro regions.


What we support

FCS supports CSOs with interventions that seek to address the challenges facing people with disability and ensuring security and wellbeing of people with albinism, including policy gaps, implementation and service provision challenges. Interventions under this cluster include:

  • Training on Disability Act no 9 of 2010 and UNCRPD
  • Media engagement (radio spots and TV programs)
  • Public awareness through IEC materials (brochures, pamphlets, policy briefs etc.)
  • Advocacy and strategic engagements with local leaders, appointed and elected leaders, influential people, parliamentarians
  • Public community sensitization campaigns
  • Public aawareness campaigns through drama, roadshows, sports & social events, school debates etc.


Expected outcomes and indicators

FCS focuses on:

Number and description of cases showing measures being taken by communities, authorities to address harmful traditional practices.
Percentage of CSOs claiming the government has become more responsive to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people.

Expected outcomes in people with disability (PWD) Projects Expected outcomes in people with albinism (PWA) Projects
  • No of people reached (Male & Female)
  • No of people included in decision making structures
  • No and kind of recommendations made and addressed by duty bearers
  • No of services and types of services, budgets and projects prioritized for PWDs
    Amendments/changes made to accommodate rights of PWDs in LGAs
  • Enactment of laws/by-laws or formulation of policies to address PWDs rights
  • Evidence of increased awareness of harmful traditions of killings
  • Evidences of reduced stigma
  • Decrease in cases of abuse/harm
  • Evidences of increased voices of condemnation against killings and violence
  • The kind of statements and support that authorities and stakeholders make to condemn killings and violence
    Changes in policies – enactment of laws/policy and also by-laws to redress the situation

Results recorded so far, circa 2017

  • By 2016-2017, a total number of 70,795 were reached through our support (34,875 male & 35,920female) in PWA projects and 70459 (36508M & 33951F) in PWD projects respectively.
  • Improved infrastructures to accommodate PWDs in Kibaha, Kongowe, Biharamulo and Kwimba Districts in schools, health centers, banks and in public facilities.
  • Local government in Kwimba took the lead in establishing of new special need class in Budishi Primary School.
  • Inclusive budgets developed in most of project regions.
  • Increased awareness on the rights of PWDs which has led to positive changes at Regional and District levels in Mara region, including the formation of Committees to safeguard PWDs rights at district and region levels.
  • Commitments from LGAs to spearhead advocacy campaigns and security to PWDs.
  • Inclusion and participation of PWDs/PWAs in decision making processes.
  • Public awareness and events such as PWA Days celebrations.
  • Establishment of security committees and night patrols within project regions to ensure the lives of PWAs are protected.
  • Identification of PWAs who were hidden by their families for different reasons such as security, family superstitious beliefs or shame/stigma.


Partners we work with in PWD projects

Currently, FCS projects for people with disability amounts to over TZS 600 million. The following are CSOs implementing PWDs initiatives across the country.

1 Tanzania League of the Blind Dar es Salaam
2 Tanzania League of the Blind Dodoma
3 Shirikisho la Vyama vya Watu wenye Ulemavu Tanzania (SHIVYAWATA) Dodoma
4 Shirikisho la Vyama vya Watu wenye Ulemavu Tanzania (SHIVYAWATA) Kigoma
5 Umoja wa Watu wenye Ulemavu Mkoa wa Pwani PPwani
6 Chama cha Wasioona Kilosa Morogoro
7 Tanzania Association of the Deaf Dar es Salaam
8 The Registered Trustee of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rulenge – NGARA Kagera
9 Tanzania League of the Blind – KWIMBA Mwanza
10 Shirikisho la Vyama vya Watu wenye Ulemavu Tanzania – HQ Dar es Salaam


Partners we work with in PWA projects

At the moment, FCS is supporting projects for people with albinism worth over TZS 500 million. The following are CSOs implementing these initiatives:

1 Sumbawanga Municipal Association of NGOs (SUMANGO) KATAVI
2 Grace Community Development and Education RUKWA
3 Mass Media Bariadi (MMB) SIMIYU
4 Catholic Archdiocese of Tabora – CARITAS TABORA
5 Newlight Children Centre Organization – NELICO GEITA
6 Chama cha Albino Tanzania – BUKOMBE GEITA
7 Radio Faraja SHINYANGA
8 Nabroho Society for the Aged SIMIYU