FCS facilitates youth initiatives in Dar

The FCS official, Nasim Losai, (above) opening Youth Training in Dar Es Salaam. 

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has facilitated a three days training on Business Potentialities, Laws and Regulations for Tanzanians Youth to engage in East African market. The training has launched today 21st November 2016 in Dar es Salaam and it aims at capacitating youths from Tanzania to realize their dreams in the East African market. 

Speaking during opening of this training, the FCS official, Nasim Losai, said the foundation is keen in supporting groups with special requirements and it has found that, Tanzanians youth require more knowledge on East African business potentials. She added that, the Foundation recognizes Tanzanian government initiatives through its various youth programs and it wants to see them engage directly on issues of integrations.

We are here to support our youth. We need them to realize challenges feature them and be more effective in engaging directly with outcomes of the EAC integration,” she said and added;

 “We are instructing them with prospective skills and it is our hope that they grasp this knowledge and share with their peers. It is hard to bring a big number here, but our facilitators are making it possible to mentor them theoretically and practically. After this session, they are urged to go and share this knowledge with their peers,” she said.

A group photo of participants and facilitators of the three days Youth Training supported by FCS.

FCS grants 30 CSO of people with disability Tsh.300m/-


The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has so far granted funds totaling Tsh. 300m to 30 civil society organizations run by people with disability to implement their programs for the welfare and development of persons with disability in the country.

The Executive Director of FCS, Advocate Francis Kiwanga told a gathering of more than 150 representatives of civil society organizations for people with disability at the Blue Pearl Hotel in Dar es Salaam mid-November that the 30 CSOs were in 10 different regions of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Speaking before the official opening of the 5th Forum for People with Disability which was officiated by Hon. Abdallah Possi, the Minister for State, Prime Minister’s office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and Disabled, Kiwanga reiterated his organization’s commitment to continue supporting CSOs of people with disability especially those which showed maturity and good example on accountability, good governance and utilization of resources for the growth and delivery of services to people to their members.

Deputy Chair of the network of CSOs of people with disabilities (SHIVYAWATA), Ms. Ummy Ndeliananga said one of the expected outcomes of the forum was to deliberate on the formation of a more consolidated National Council for People with disabilities as the current organizations were not functioning according to expectations. “The current network is still not decentralized, not visible at the district levels”, she said.

She urged the government to continue supporting SHIVYAWATA and civil society organizations with administration costs and funds to enable them commemorate important events such as the annual International Disability day and matters related to employment of people with disability in the official and private sectors.

Ummy was also concerned about the security of people with disability especially those with albinism, asking for tougher penalties against perpetrators of deaths and harming people with albinism. She reminded the government to hasten introduction of sign-language in all electronic media in Tanzania. “The Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) a government media which was expected to be the first to implement the law requiring media to employ sign-language translators to assist people with disabilities has not employed one to-date”   

Deputy Minister Possi graces the 5th Conference for Disabled in Dar


Deputy State Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Dr. Abdallah Possi has graced the 5th Conference for peoples with disabilities, the conference facilitated by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), at Blue Pearl Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Dr. Possi mentioned that, the government of Tanzania recognizes and appreciates with the contribution that people with disabilities offer in the country, and he further added that, the government is aware with challenges facing disabled in Tanzania and the 2010 Law passed by the parliament special for handling and supervising issues facing Tanzanians with disabilities, is a key towards bringing changes in lives of Tanzanian disabled. He added that, all citizens in Tanzania have equal share and they deserve rights and justice including peoples with disabilities.

The Deputy Minister explained that, people with disabilities face different challenges and the government has analyzed them and it handles them with special priorities.

Speaking before the Deputy Minister, The Executive Director for The Foundation for Civil Society, Francis Kiwanga said the FCS after recognizing the need to capacitate peoples with disabilities in Tanzania; it decided to facilitate the 5th Disabled Conference aiming at bringing changes in lives of disabled Tanzanians.

I am taking this opportunity to send my regards through you, Honorable Deputy Minister, to the government of Tanzania in regard to our acknowledgment on the good work the government is doing specifically in combating corruption. We are also appreciating changes that are taking place in service delivery in the country,” Mr. Kiwanga said and added that:

The Foundation for Civil Society after analyzing rights for peoples with disabilities, and the nature of living in in the country, it urges the government to be closer with this special group, in order to ensure them the rights to live.

This two day conference was attended by 150 members from Tanzania Mainland and the Isles. The significant message was the recognition and implementation of the 2010 Disabled Law, in relation with building equal society.



FCS set to provide new grants to CSOs

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) under its new 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is set to provide new grants worth TZS 5.8 billion to 120 approved Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working in different parts of Tanzania under the area of Governance and Accountability.

The funded CSOs are expected to reach out to a million of Tanzanians in different parts of the country as well as inspire better results in sub-result areas of citizen’s participation, improved quality of policy, accountable decision making, and effective public service delivery in a period of six months.

Key intervention areas/ sectors to be supported in these new grants to CSOs include: Education; Water; Land Rights; fight against Gender Based Violence; People with Disability, Youths and Women Empowerment.

According to internal FCS procedures, all grantees have to first undergo the mandatory Manage Your Grant (MYG) training so as to enable them fine-tune their project indicators, expected outcomes, as well as budgets. Also, the MYG allows the grantees to prepare plans of action for activities as well as monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure results are well captured.

The new approved grantees have undergone the Manage Your Grant Training (MYG) - designed to enhance capacity to manage project implementation, grant, as well as tracking and reporting of results and outcomes of projects to be implemented. It also exposed the grantees to contractual obligations with regard to the project implementation and management of funds.

Current FCS Development Partners include, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Embassy of Denmark/DANIDA, and NORAD.

120 CSOs trained on how to manage new FCS grants

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has offered a mandatory Manage Your Grant training (MYG) training to its newly approved grantees – being the first one to be offered in the year 2016, and also in the new FCS Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

The training has attracted participants from a total of 120 new grantee organisations from different parts of the country and was conducted in Dodoma from 26 – 28 September 2016.

Also, the new grants to be awarded, worth TZS 5.8 billion, are expected to reach out to a million of Tanzanians in different parts of the country, as well as inspire better results in sub-result areas of citizen’s participation, quality of policy, accountable decision making, and effective public service delivery.

During the MYG training the FCS Executive Director, Mr. Francis Kiwanga said: “the new grantees should ensure better use of the funds given, since they are part of the generous support from the Development Partners. These development grants are purely our fellows’ tax payers’ money. Therefore, they belong to the poor communities in need and not for a few unfaithful individuals.”
Current FCS Development Partners include the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Embassy of Denmark/DANIDA, and NORAD.

The MYG training therefore seeks to address on key issues around grants management, such as project designing and management, financial management, outcomes and output reporting, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation - in view of empowering the new grantees with the technical ability to implement their projects effectively.

During the training, participants had the opportunity to review their project documents, which are primarily part of the grant-contract attachments. The training also seeks to streamline the projects’ attachments to be more result-focused with acceptable levels of consistence between project outcomes, outputs, activities, budget framework, work plans and Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks.


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