EFG promotes Good Governance in Mwanza informal sector

The community is advised to reflect on the role of promoting qualities of Good Governance in the informal sector so as to make it more efficient and effective. The advice has was given by the Executive Director for Equity for Growth (EFG), Ms. Jane Magigita when remarking on  achievements which EFG has acquired after implementing a project that  enhances the role of the informal sector in promoting Good Governance and Accountability at local government level. Ms. Magigita says there was a little knowledge on qualities of good governance in the informal sector in Mwanza and that the EFG has managed to change that perception. The organization wrote a project proposal that received funding from Foundation for Civil Society (FCS). It intends to promote qualities of good governance by market traders in Mwanza municipality.

Through this project, the EFG managed to create awareness to market traders, with special emphasis on women’s rights. The rights included: Right to engage in decision making and involvement in market leadership.

EFG Project Coordinator, Grace Mate, says that women, apart from being in larger numbers  than men; had no voice, were not involved in decision making, had no right to be voted for market leadership and were less involved in market management. EFG, after realizing those obstacles, had provided them with training on the importance of reflecting the qualities of good governance.

Ms. Mate says the Mwaloni market was the only one which had a constitution in place before implementing the project. Other markets such as Igogo, Makuyuni, Kirumba, Central Market and Mlango Mmoja started drafting their constitutions after EFG training. Ms. Mate says the process of drafting constitutions to the five markets involved women at all levels. 

"Things are becoming better. Women are participating in decision making and they voice their views. They are now beginning to join market leadership committees, which are considered as the highest level of market management," Ms. Mate says.

Following this success, the EFG project has increased women’s voices, strengthened relations among market traders, and improved their awareness on public expenditure tracking in all six markets of Mwanza Municipality.

"As an impact of the project, officials in all six markets are now issuing electronic receipts and are preparing financial reports," Ms. Mate says, adding that the process had decreased financial embezzlement in public markets, increased revenue, improved markets’ infrastructure as well as market service delivery.

Constantino Joseph Katambi is a Kirumba market chairman, who commends the EFG for implementing a project that has helped many people to realize the need for engaging the community in matters of interest. Mr. Katambi says the project has enabled them to track their market income and expenditure that the market has improved its infrastructure and clients receive high-quality services.

EFG Executive Director, Ms. Magigita, says the project has increased the morale of many women who work in the sector and shaped better relationships among the traders, market leaders and local government officials in Mwanza.


 "EFG facilitated the training of market traders. During the course, EFG gave training on market by-laws, the role of the informal sector, economic rights and qualities of Good Governance. As a result, they have increased their attendance in market meetings, are engaged in governance dialogues and demanding that local leaders become more responsible and accountable in providing quality service delivery," she says.

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