Villagers stand firm for their development in Kilolo district

Kilimbwa is a very remote village in Ibumu Ward in Kilolo District of Iringa region. It is a fairly new village, about 10 years old and a population that is growing very fast. The villagers here have begged and waited in vain for a school for so long. Their children were forced to attend school

Government, CSOs and community cooperation empowers Youth in Mbeya city

It is very possible to transform Youth into an effective workforce that is self-aware of its place and responsibility in a community and the country. And by using Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), this is possible from the ground up, beginning at the grassroots communities where most social ills and challenges are found. A very good

Mobilized to fight GBV in Arusha Chini

Introduction This project was made possible with support of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) to Tusonge Community Development Organization. From the onset the project design had set out approaches such as facilitation, orientation, meetings and awareness campaigns to address various GBV challenges.   GBV has no territory Gender based violence knows no boundaries; it

Improved Self Care for PWA

On pathways With support of the Foundation for Civil Society in this project, Caritas has used a number of ways in reaching out to people for sensitization and raising awareness on PWA care. Such ways include organized formative training and workshops of which groups of teachers, students and pupils benefitted. It also facilitated school clubs

We have Our Smiles Back

Introduction With the support of the Foundation for Civil Society, Caritas designed this project to raise awareness and sensitize on rights of People with Albinism (PWA) in Tabora Municipality. The project birthed pathways to address the plight of albinos and helped them navigate through challenges. Further, it aimed to offer not just makeshift but long

Promising Future for Empowered People With Disabilities

Introduction Tanzania League for the Blind (TLB) ran a project on advocacy for People with Disabilities for 2 years, with support from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in Kwimba district, about 85 kilometers from the city of Mwanza. The project, among other objectives, sought to empower People with Diasabilities benefit from available opportunities which

Polygamy and Women’s Land Rights in Iringa

Ask yourself this. Honestly how many times have you ever heard polygamy in the same breath as any good story regarding women’s rights in society? Hardly maybe. We are heading to Igula Village, in Isimani area, Iringa region to follow up a very interesting story about one polygamous family. There are three of us –


Through activities undertaken in this project by Tusonge, with support of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) many issues pertaining to Gender Based Violence have come to the fore and in turn got the attention they deserve. As a result, sensitized women from among pastoralist communities who used to practice Female Genital Mutilations (FGM) as

Empowered citizens are more responsible on their community development

Amani Girls Home, a non-governmental organisation established in 2002, was primarily established to cater for street girls in Mwanza, Tanzania’s second biggest City, but it has since expanded its scope to other areas of social work. This includes community awareness campaigns, which is the subject of this story. “We have widened our scope to include

FGM fight is one that we’ve to win

FGM fight is one that we’ve to win “It is a difficult fight, but it is a fight we have to win for the sake of hundreds of girls whose health, future educational prospects and esteem are jeopardized because of outdated, dangerous traditions,” says Mr. Valerian Mgani, the Project Manager with the Association for Termination