Mobilized to fight GBV in Arusha Chini

Introduction This project was made possible with support of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) to Tusonge Community Development Organization. From the onset the project design had set out approaches such as facilitation, orientation, meetings and awareness campaigns to address various GBV challenges.   GBV has no territory Gender based violence knows no boundaries; it

Improved Self Care for PWA

On pathways With support of the Foundation for Civil Society in this project, Caritas has used a number of ways in reaching out to people for sensitization and raising awareness on PWA care. Such ways include organized formative training and workshops of which groups of teachers, students and pupils benefitted. It also facilitated school clubs

We have Our Smiles Back

Introduction With the support of the Foundation for Civil Society, Caritas designed this project to raise awareness and sensitize on rights of People with Albinism (PWA) in Tabora Municipality. The project birthed pathways to address the plight of albinos and helped them navigate through challenges. Further, it aimed to offer not just makeshift but long